Sheriff’s Briefing Notes

July 27, 2020 5:03 PM
Information contained in this report is from the previous 24 hours (Tuesday – Friday) or previous weekend (Monday).

Please note – Due to Marsy’s Law, specific information will no longer be provided on incidents that are classified as crimes. Marsy’s Law prohibits law enforcement from releasing any information that could identify the victim of any crime (name, address, sex, age, or any other information).


• Deputies responded to:

o Residential Burglary – District 1/Zone 1 – Two individuals were staying at a residence in Hernando Beach. When they returned to their David Drive home, they discovered someone had broken in their house. Several items were taken from the house – Investigation active – 2020-21985.

o Death Investigation – District 2/Zone 7 – An individual found his 65-year-old friend deceased – Investigation active – 2020-22017.

o Trespass – District 1/Zone 2 – Deputies were dispatched to Marker 48 in regards to a patron causing a disturbance. Business owners reported the individual had been causing disturbances at the business for months. The individual has recently been Trespassed from a number of businesses in Spring Hill. The individual was issued a Trespass Warning for Marker 48 – 2020-22056.

o Shooting into an Occupied Conveyance – The victim reported being in the area of Freeport Drive. He was going to visit his girlfriend who was visiting her children. When the victim returned home he realized there were bullet holes in the driver’s side of the vehicle – Investigation active – 2020-22018.

o Residential Burglary – District 1/Zone 1 – The victim reported he spends an extended period of time away from his residence. The victim reported last checking on his house on 06-10-2020. On 07-24-2020, the sister of the victim checked on the home to find it was ransacked. A number of items were stolen from the residence – Investigation active – 2020-22106.

o Domestic Battery – District 1/Zone 1 – Deputies responded to a residence where two sisters were involved in an altercation. One sister slapped the other sister in the face, which was witnessed by their father – Arrest/Female – 2020-22096.

o Domestic Battery/Witness Tampering/Resisting without Violence/Attempted Battery on LEO – District 2/Zone 4 – Deputies responded to a home where the female victim said her boyfriend had battered her and destroyed her cell phone when she tried to call 911. The victim said the suspect struck her several times. The suspect denied hitting the victim. The suspect resisted deputies as they attempted to place him under arrest – Arrest Male – 2020-22146.

o Aggravated Domestic Battery – District 2/Zone 2 – A husband and wife got into an altercation over marital issues. The wife told the husband he was going to die a slow death as she walked into the kitchen. Fearing for his safety, the husband locked himself in the master bathroom. The man could hear his wife throwing various items at the door. The woman was able to open the door partially and hit the man in the head with a frying pan – Arrest/Female – 2020-22139.

o Death Investigation – District 1/Zone 6 – Press Release forthcoming – 2020-22126.

o Accidental Shooting – District 2/Zone 2 – Deputies responded to Oak Hill Hospital where a patient was being treated for a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The man reported he was getting ready to go out when he grabbed something from a drawer. He did not realize his handgun was wrapped in the clothing. The man said the gun dropped and fired when it hit the ground striking him in the foot – Investigation active – 2020-22178.

o Missing Juveniles – District 1/Zone 8 – Four juveniles ran away from the New Beginnings Youth Shelter on Sunday night. The individuals were located shortly after 8 a.m. Monday – 2020-22184.

• Schools

o N/A

• Miscellaneous:

o N/A


• Total # of inmates housed in the Hernando County Detention Center – 575

o Number of Federal Inmates (included in total) – 98

o Number of Pasco County Inmates (included in total) – 25

o Number of inmates housed in Medical Unit (included in total) – 10

o Number of Juvenile Inmates – 0

o Active Hospital Posts – 0

• Number of inmates transported to COURT:

o First Appearance (no transport required) – 8

o County Misdemeanor Court – 0

o Circuit Felony Court – 22

o Drug/Mental Health/Veterans Court – 0.

• Booking Data (previous 24 hours or previous weekend):

o Number of inmates Booked In – 25

o Number of inmates Booked Out (Released) – 24

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