About Neighborhood Crime Watch

What is Neighborhood Watch?
Neighborhood Watch is simply “neighbor looking after neighbor.” You watch out for your neighbors’ homes while they are gone and they in return do the same for you. All suspicious activity is immediately reported to the Sheriff’s Office.

Neighborhood Crime Watch is Free!
All too often, residents think it costs something to belong to the program. It doesn’t cost a dime – just a little bit of your time. Any money collected from donations should be carefully accounted for and deposited in an account under the name of your Neighborhood Watch Program.

Neighborhood Watch Program
Neighborhood Watch Programs have become a highly successful crime prevention technique in the reduction of crime in many communities throughout the U.S. The major goal in the organization of the Neighborhood Watch is to change the ATTITUDES of the community members from apathy to concern and involvement. Next, invite the Sheriff’s Office Community Coordinator to your first community meeting in order to establish leadership and guidance.

The first phase in the setup of your program will be to establish a communication system in order for community members to communicate with each other, as well as law enforcement. Remember law enforcement and the community will be working together more closely in order to maintain the success of the program.

The second phase is home security. Your Community Coordinator will assist you and the residents of your community with up to date information on “making your home safer.”

It is important to remember, Neighborhood Watch signs DO NOT prevent crime. Signs and decals act only as a notice to the potential criminal that “if you commit a crime in our neighborhood, the chances of being seen, reported and arrested are very good.”

As your Community Coordinator how you can earn signs for your neighborhood.

Patrolling the neighborhood in your personal vehicle is NOT a requirement to be recognized as a Neighborhood Watch area. Should your neighbors wish to start a patrol, then the Sheriff’s Office Community Coordinator will discuss proper procedure and training in order to be officially recognized.

Neighborhood Watch is getting people involved in crime prevention, making the homes in your community less of a target and being good neighbors to one another.